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    Server Rules


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    Server Rules Empty Server Rules

    Post  Ryder on Sun May 13, 2012 8:25 pm

    These are the general server rules, failure to follow them will result in a ban.

    Basic Rules

    • Do not Random Death Match - This is killing someone for no roleplay reason.
    • Do not break New Life Rule - When you get killed, you must not return to the specific area you died, or participate in any activities that you did before your death. (This excludes takeovers)
    • Do not Meta-Game - Do not use OOC information to your RP advantage.
    • Do not use hacks - Wallhacks, Aimbots, Sethhack ect are all strictly forbid.
    • Do not Mic Spam - Do not spam music on the streets. ( But you can RP a club / disco )
    • Do not Random Demote - Demoting, ragedemoting, double-demoting and false demotes are all forbid.
    • Do not Jobsteal - Do not demote someone just to take there job.
    • Do not Car Death Match - This is basically RDM, but in a car.
    • Do not be racist - We will not tolerate rasicm of any kind.
    • Do not attempt to block the spawn.

    RP Rules

    • Names - RP names must be appropriate. No racial or profane words.
    • Advertisements - Only use /advert for RP related purposes.

    Job Specific Rules

    • Civil Protectors must not random arrest people - You cannot arrest a person for no reason, they must have broken a law first.
    • Civil Protectors cannot search or raid a base / house for no reason.
    • Gun Dealers are not to use their guns for themselves.
    • Citizens are not to participate in any raids.

    Raiding Rules
    Civil Protection-You need a warrant in order to raid a person's base.

    S.W.A.T.-You do not need a warrant to raid a base, but you need a good reason(located below).

    Military-You do not need a warrant to raid a base, but you need direct orders from your General.

    Reasons to raid:
    -If you hear people talking about their drugs.
    -If you see people talking about their drugs in regular chat(Not /OOC).
    -If you hear gunshots within the base.
    -If there is a /report in the base.
    -If you get a /911 call that leads you to the inside of the base.
    -You can not raid based off of a tip. This is considered metagame. The person could lie about the information or break raiding rules to get the information.
    -Failure to follow the rules will lead to a demotion.

    Gangster-You need to have a good reason for raiding a base(listed below)

    Reasons to raid:
    -If the Mob Boss tells you too.
    -If the base looks like it has a potential value.
    -If you get a report of valuables from a fellow gangster.

    Thief-You can only raid if you are hired by someone else. This means no solo raids.

    No other classes can raid. If caught raiding, you will be demoted for failrp.

    • The only jobs that are allowed to commit raids are Civil Protectors, Gangsters, Mobboss, Military, Hitman and Thief.

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