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    Donations! Empty Donations!

    Post  Ryder on Thu May 17, 2012 1:40 am

    InsanityServers are completely funded by your donations, we have ways to repay your generosity. Every little bit helps!


    -Unlocks secret jobs!
    -You get your own usergroup
    -Private areas on the forum
    -Receive 150 Points for the shop!
    -Receive $10,000 In-game cash
    -The "Donator" award
    Donations! Level_50

    All for lifetime for only $7!

    In-Game cash $

    20,000 - 1 Dollar
    50,000 - 2.50 Dollars
    100,000 - 5 Dollars

    In-Game shop Points

    100PS - 2 Dollars
    200PS - 4 Dollars
    500PS - 8 Dollars
    1000PS - 15 Dollars

    How to donate?

    Step1: Click this link:
    Step2: Login to your paypal and follow the in-screen instructions..

    All done Smile

    How to receive your donator items?

    PM me or reply to this topic using this template:

    Email address that sent the donation:
    Steam ID:
    RP Name on our server:

    When we see it you will receive your perks, have fun!

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