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    Server Update 5/15/2012

    Dev Team
    Dev Team

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    Server Update 5/15/2012 Empty Server Update 5/15/2012

    Post  Kittai on Wed May 16, 2012 12:02 am

    I don't have forum mod so I can't edit the change log, but here is what has been added to the server recently:

    • New F1 menu - Displays information such as rules, definitions and FAQ.
    • Fixed spawn message showing nil instead of players name.
    • Fixed spawning props while dead
    • Fixed citizens not having fists
    • Fixed hobo loadout error
    • Added Taser Swep - IT'S NOT LIKE YOU THINK. I nerfed it by a LOT. It's not like servers where you can snipe people. You actually have to be close to them and there is a cooldown timer between each taze. This is only available to swat ATM.
    • Added Pickpocket Swep - Hobos can pickpocket people(Max Steal: $30 Lowest Steal: $5, 40 cooldown timer.)
    • Added Radio Sent - Plays Half Life music
    • Added sit-able chairs
    • Added map clean script(Comes with: No deleted windows! lol)
    • Added anti prop kill, anti prop throw
    • Added lawboard on mapstart, near PD

    Not much I know. I did this at 3AM and was extremely tired. Please test and report bugs to me.

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    Server Update 5/15/2012 Empty Re: Server Update 5/15/2012

    Post  Ryder on Wed May 16, 2012 12:06 am

    Adding to the changelog ready for testing, good work!

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