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    The Server's Changelog


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    The Server's Changelog Empty The Server's Changelog

    Post  Ryder on Sun May 13, 2012 11:42 pm

    //Changelog start@13th May 2012 1:41PM GMT


    • Added "General" Job @ 13th May 2012 6:07PM GMT
    • Fixed "Military" Agenda @ 13th May 2012 6:24PM GMT
    • Removed "CSS Weapon Pack" @ 13th May 2012 7:48PM GMT
    • Installed "Madcows Weapons" for Testing @ 13th May 2012 8:08PM GMT
    • Installed "Madcows Weapons fix" for Testing @ 13th May 2012 8:29PM GMT
    • Installed "Madcows Weapons 4.0" for Final @ 13th May 2012 8:50PM GMT //-- WOOT No more lag!
    • Fixed all classes @ 13th May 2012 10:40PM GMT
    • Installed "Pet" model @ 13th May 2012 10:43PM GMT
    • Editing the servers dir's @ 14th May 2012 3:58PM GMT //-- Expect a large downtime
    • Added a custom loading screen @ 14th May 2012 4:30PM GMT
    •New F1 menu - Displays information such as rules, definitions and FAQ. @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Fixed spawn message showing nil instead of players name. @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Fixed spawning props while dead @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Fixed citizens not having fists @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Fixed hobo loadout error @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Added Taser Swep - IT'S NOT LIKE YOU THINK. I nerfed it by a LOT. It's not like servers where you can snipe people. You actually have to be close to them and there is a cooldown timer between each taze. This is only available to swat ATM. @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Added Pickpocket Swep - Hobos can pickpocket people(Max Steal: $30 Lowest Steal: $5, 40 cooldown timer.) @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Added Radio Sent - Plays Half Life music @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Added sit-able chairs @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Added map clean script(Comes with: No deleted windows! lol) @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Added anti prop kill, anti prop throw @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT
    •Added lawboard on mapstart, near PD @ 15th May 2012 2:10PM GMT

    Testers Get Testing!Smile


    •Fixed the buyammo problem @ 15th May 2012 4:20 PM GMT
    •Added XP & Level system for testing @15th May 2012 6:15PM GMT // Removed as it encouraged rdm
    •Added ThreeD 3D text on map @ 16th May 2012 1:15AM GMT
    •Added a pointshop @ 16th May 2012 10:05AM GMT // "F1" to use
    •Added NLR notice on death @ 16th May 2012 1:00PM GMT
    •Added drugdealer who sells drugs @ 16th May 2012 1:45PM GMT
    •Added bartender to sell drinks @ 16th May 2012 2:00PM GMT
    •Edited jobs to be less "OP" @ 16th May 2012 2:33PM GMT
    •Added drugplant entity for gangsters and mobboss @16th May 2012 3:11PM GMT
    •Added donator stuff to forums @ 16th May 2012 4:00PM GMT
    •Added "General" and "Pet" jobs to donator only @ 16th May 2012 4:20PM GMT //Tested, donator jobs are working fine!
    •Added Bodyguard Job @ 17th May 2012 12:00AM GMT
    •Added Thief Job @ 17th May 2012 12:00AM GMT
    •Added Donator only Lawyer job @ 17th May 2012 12:13AM GMT
    •Fixed chair models @ 17th May 2012 12:15AM GMT
    •Added better stunstick @ 17th May 2012 8:00 GMT
    •Added Keypad cracker @ 17th May 2012 9:11PM GMT
    •Added some admin thingies @ 10:03PM GMT


    Almost ready for opening, just need to clean up a few bits 'n' bobs and test of 100% the servers content..
    I will have this weekend to finish it up.. Because of this, the meeting will now be re-scheduled to...
    "Monday 21st May 2012 "


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